Paul Hallett APIS Are Awesome

Paul Hallett

APIS Are Awesome

Date & time
8th February 2014, 17.30
Venue Cardiff University Main Building
Museum Place
Cardiff CF10 3AT

  • And next!
    Daniele Procida, on whats on next for Djangonauts & Pythonistas in Cardiff and further afield
    8th February 2014
  • Python in education
    Matt Lunn discusses the role of coding in mathematical degree studies
    8th February 2014
  • zc.buildout for builds & profit
    Wes Mason on a handy buildout tool
    8th February 2014
  • Django Village – the first Django conference in Italy
    Iacopo Spalletti introduces Junes Django conference in Orvieto
    8th February 2014

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