Saturday is dedicated to talks, on all subjects.

We’ll have longer talks, shorter talks, and of course we will have lots of fantastic lightning talks.

All Saturdays talks – all the sessions on this page, including the lightning talks, were recorded by AOTV. Videos can be found in the pages for the sessions listed below.


Moving Targets
Brandon Rhodes, our keynote speaker, discusses programming, prejudice, and progress.

Python in astronomy
Haley Gomez will introduce some examples of how and why Python is becoming ubiquitous in astronomy, including a description of some of the useful packages written by the astronomy community.

APIs are awesome
Paul Hallett gives an introduction and overview of the world of APIs, their impact on the World Wide Web and how to integrate APIs into your Django projects.

How does Django start?
Marc Tamlyn picks apart one of Djangos most complex and critical mechanisms – its startup code – and discusses how recent changes will affect what we can do with it in the future.

Cheating at rock-paper-scissors — meta-programming in Python
Matt Williams discusses Pythons support for meta-programming, focusing on its built-in tools for reflection and self-modification.

Task management with Celery and Django
Claire Gowler presents a beginners guide to managing tasks with Celery in your Django projects and why you might want to in the first place.

Infrastructure of modern web applications
Sergey Kopylov on being a web developer in a small team, which often involves wearing many hats: systems architect, visual and UX designer, front-end and back-end developer, devop.

The Price of Anarchy in Critical Care Unit Interactions
Izabela Komenda applies game theory, mathematics and Python code to an important problem in healthcare policy-making.

Paris Kasidiaris introduces OpenDevelop, an open source platform aiming to facilitate the procedure of running code.

Yo Dawg: putting a Scripting Language in your Scripting Language
Ian Millington looks at ways to embed scripting in your app with bullet-proof limits on processor time, memory, and OS access.

Django on the map
Gareth Lloyd introduces GeoDjango, which allows you to use geo-linked data to great effect with amazing ease in your Django projects.

Wagtail – Django content management made beautiful
Matthew Westcott introduces the capabilities and features of Wagtail, and covers some of the challenges of using Django for a project that doesnt fit into the conventional web application model.

Lightning talks

Everyone adores lightning talks – short (with a strict five-minute limit for each) on any subject that you think the audience might care to hear about.

Python computing for mathematics in the cloud
Vincent Knight on Sage mathematics

Pull requests that dont suck
Luke Plant, on how to submit good pull requests

A simple way to make Django better
Peter Inglesby, on making your contribution

Python in education
Matt Lunn discusses the role of coding in mathematical degree studies

zc.buildout for builds & profit
Wes Mason on a handy buildout tool

Django Village – the first Django conference in Italy
Iacopo Spalletti introduces Junes Django conference in Orvieto

@baroque, a decorating decorator decorator
Harry Percival introduces a Baroque approach to decorators

Django 1.7 in a nutshell
Andrew Godwin introduces Django 1.7

Django settings with Django Configurations
Jannis Leidel introduces Django Configurations

The future of PostgreSQL & Django
Marc Tamlyn on a project to improve Djangos PostgreSQL support

And next!
Daniele Procida, on whats on next for Djangonauts & Pythonistas in Cardiff and further afield

Meals and refreshments

Your conference ticket includes all meals and refreshments.

During the day

Lunch will be provided at 13.00.

Therell also be morning and afternoon breaks, with refreshments provided.


Saturday nights conference dinner will be at an award-winning Cardiff restaurant, the Vegetarian Food Studio on Penarth Road.

The VFS is a traditional Indian restaurant, and the kind of place where even the most committed carnivores are happy to forgo meat for an evening.

The restaurant serves soft drinks but not alcohol. Youre welcome however to bring your own choice of drinks (a supermarket with a good selection is less than five minutes walk away should you need it).

If you’d like to bring a non-conference attendee with you to the dinner for a nominal contribution, thats fine – just let us know.