Open day

Friday is our open day. Were inviting a wider audience to come along to learn more about Python and Django, and to find out what you can do with them.

Whether youre a registered conference attendee or not, please do take advantage of our tutorials and demonstrations. They are all free and open to everyone whod like to learn more.

These sessions are aimed particularly at:

  • school science pupils & teachers
  • scientists, researchers & students
  • software developers
  • people in local government & business organisations


All open day talks will take place in the Wallace Lecture theatre, 0.13.

Python in science

Python is used throughout science.

These talks, all suitable for a general audience, highlight some of the ways in which Python is being used in scientific research at Cardiff University.

  • ProtocolNavigator: Python for biological scientists
  • Supercomputing made easy
  • A matter of life & death: studying hospital admission policies using game theory &Python
  • Rise of the robotic telescope
  • There’s a Python in my physics
  • Pythons & ladders
  • Baby you can drive my car (with a bit of Python)